Dowload the latest version of Skyscraper here. You can find system requirements, information on custom buildings, development information source code, and downloads for older releases below. There is also a subversion repository available for you to explore.


Download the latest version of Skyscraper here.

Download Skyscraper

System Requirements and Info:
  • Windows XP SP2 or newer, Linux (Ubuntu 11.04+), or Mac OSX 10.6.8 or newer.
  • 1 ghz cpu (2 ghz recommended), 512 megabytes RAM (2 gigabytes recommended), video card with at least 32 megabytes of video RAM (64+ recommended)
  • Please note that the main featured buildings are the Triton Center and Glass Tower, while others are still in early development

Current Release - Skyscraper 2.0 Alpha 8:

Custom Buildings:

Development Information:

  • Binary development snapshots are available here (come with source). Just extract the package into a directory and run skyscraper.exe. If it needs the Visual C++ 2005 runtime, you can get it here.
  • Latest source code (builds on Windows and Linux) is available here.
  • Subversion (SVN) source code repository is here.

Previous Release (Skyscraper 2.0 Alpha 7):