If you are curious as to what Skyscraper looks like, look no further. There are currently four official buildings that are included with Skyscraper, and many user-created buildings. These screenshots show the official buildings. Take a look and see some of the possibilities there are with Skyscraper.


Triton Center:

by Ryan Thoryk, fictitious, 142 floors, 72 elevators, three zones, Chicago.
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Triton Center Triton Center Lobby Triton Center Elevator Triton Center Shaft

Glass Tower:

Original design by Dan Goozee and William Creber for the movie The Towering Inferno; current model by Ryan Thoryk and Michael Jehn based on movie blueprints provided by Joseph Musso. Fictitous, 138 floors, San Francisco - Click here and also here for more screenshots.
Features 3 glass elevators, which ascend from the atrium lobby to the 135th floor Promenade Room.

Glass Tower Glass Tower Roof Glass Tower Atrium Base Glass Tower Front Setback

Other Pictures:

More pictures, which show some of the possibilities with Skyscraper. The elevator editor screenshot shows the extensiveness and realism of the simulated elevators.

Escalators Glass Elevators Sears Tower 3 Elevator Editor